Cyber Security companies – World innovations making their way into the UK security market

Cyber Security companies of Israel making their way in to the UK security market

The various occurrences in the year 2017 including WannaCry, the NSA leak, the Equifax breach, etc. show that the year was full of cyber incidents. This required urgent attention for new cyber innovations to tackle the growing cyber incidents and one country has significantly contributed to this. The data collected about the cybersecurity industry in Israel in the previous year suggests that the CS industry has been maturing intensively in the country.

The cybersecurity startups in Israel are making waves across the globe. The researchers have witnessed 60 innovative startups of CS emerging in the country since last year. Two of the most innovative Israeli cybersecurity startups are as follows:

  • Aperio Systems

Aperio Systems is declared to be the “most innovative security startup” in 2017. This startup provides security for the critical infrastructures including power grids, oil refineries, water supplies, etc. They mostly focus on the hardware rather than focusing on the software.

  • Argus

This company is Tel Aviv-based. It has been listed in the industry awards’ ranking. It made the international headlines and appeared on the frontlines against the crime of car-hacking.

Some other well-known Israeli cyber tech firms are BufferZone Security, Claroty, Cato Networks, Cronus Cyber Technologies, Deep Instinct, Fenror7, Indegy, Minerva Labs, Votiro Cybersec, etc. All these companies are among the best cybersecurity startups in Israel.

Israeli CS companies making their way in the UK:

The banks, telecom companies and large insurers of UK have been looking for the CS solutions offered by Israel. The British Government is making efforts for increasing the protection of their institutes and firms from the cyber-attacks. There are different companies including Aviva Insurance, Goldman Sachs, and RBS that hosted twelve of the Israeli startups of Cybersecurity in London, UK, in a recent series.


TeXchange is a program that is set up by the Embassy of UK in Israel for connecting the companies of England to the digital solutions provided by Israeli cybersecurity companies. TeXchange mainly focuses on retail-tech, smart mobility, and fintech.

The startups that will be visiting the UK are also a part of this program, TeXchange. The telecoms giant BT is part-hosting the trade exchange. The UK Israel Tech Hub, the British Embassy’s arm in Tel Aviv, is facilitating this program. It seeks for matching the cybersecurity startups of Israel to the more significant companies of the United Kingdom thus seeking the know-how of the technologies of Israel.

Here is an “immersive three-day visit” offered by the hub in which some of the visiting firms also have received the grant-funding from the European Union through the program of the Horizon 2020. The firms are supposed to use the technique of cutting-edge cryptography for protecting the online access as well as the contents.

If the ecosystem of cybersecurity startups in Israel continues to mature and evolve on the same pace, then it would be on a full display at Israel’s Cybertech that is the most significant cyber technologies’ conference held annually outside the US.